onsdag 21 april 2010

Press release about my mission!!!!!!!!!

A of Arabia wants to dismantle the power structure that is around the Middle East, where middle-aged white heterosexual men sit with their head in deep folds and want to explain the Middle East for us. He wants to challenge the colonial discourse that has put the Middle East in a hostage crisis and give people a voice.

A of Arabia is studying Arabic and was in Syria and the surrounding area last year. Meanwhile in Syria, he made including a mini documentary of P3's program "Verkligheten" in which he was called “ A of Arabia with a mission to penetrate Syria's "secret" gay society”. The program experienced instead of explaining to the listener and Apollo quickly realized that this was something that had never been done before. He not only experiences an LGBTQ community but began to question the self-image displayed by the "unfortunate" Arabs in the Swedish media.
He will kick off with this mini-documentary and his travels around the Levant (Jordan, Syria and Lebanon) among gay activists and people who do not choose to label themselves with the Western sexual labels. There he criticizes the production of knowledge that we are taught in the West. He attacked the unfortunate existence of Islamophobia in Swedish LGBTQ society and plays with the sexual Orientalism that exist around the 'Arab'.

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