fredag 30 juli 2010

Oriental Gay Party med Arabiskt Initiative

Kom till Slussen i kväll för en überfab fest med Arabiskt Initiative. Det blir performance med Hezy Ya Nauaem Group. Komsi Komsi.

Läs om Arabiskt Initiative här

måndag 19 juli 2010

The coolest cool from Beirut!!

Just want to share one of my favorite bands from Lebanon Mashrou' leila. Here with their song Raksit Leila. They have been playing together since 2008 and played this year on July the 9th at the Byblos International Festival together with names like the Gorrilaz.
Makes me wanna slice up my Batinjan and pour some oil on it and shoffff in the oven. Ya dig Ya dig

fredag 16 juli 2010

Who’s the terrorist #2!!!!!

I know I’m late, I got this video a long time ago but I didn’t have time to fit it in. But after my last blog post about the hero mom of five kids having a knock from the FBI because she’s a peace activist I thought this is the time. M.I.A. drops it, shows it.
Because of the unfair geographical accumulation of power and wealth, the violence towards the violent other is the violence towards the Muslim, the Dark, the unknown to the hegemonic white. But it could be in another world, the violence towards the Ginger.
We are all born free. Freedom was not invented in USA and Europe.

onsdag 14 juli 2010

Who´s the terrorist!!!!

Check this video out. I got it from Twitter from the fabulous Jew4palestine .It’s the best so far to explain for us, who promotes oppression, to be a terrorist action or just a call for justice and human rights. This woman is a hero. There are many Palestinian that would like to know when an Israeli terrorist action is going to happened. For these people to know like the female agent says “to prevent violence when it occurs”. Never forget that freedom of expression and speach is; white, male and heterosexual.

7 million dollars a day is sent to Israel to fund the crimes towards the Palestinian people.
Who´s the terrorist!!!!!!!!!

måndag 12 juli 2010

I was dropping the bolistic like a poetry slammer!!!

I was invited to host a gayglamorama event this weekend in Stockholm. I was supposed to be cheerful and cool, but still raise some awareness about my thesis “Pink Imperialism”.
When I entered the location, a spotless, chic bar with sunthirsty Swedes drinking Rosé minding their own business, I knew that this was going to be my hardest gig ever. I was so close to call it a day and just walk away. People wanted alcohol and musclemarries not politics.
But I didn’t gave in and with my sidekick Nathan A.K.A. Nasty Nate spinning some pre-Aids disco following my stories from my diary, that was painting the lecture with some more sexy colors and gave it some flesh and bone, people started to pay some attention.
At the end some people came towards me and told me that this was some of the most interesting thing they ever heard. Even if all that enthusiasm is gone the day after, I think I planted some seeds of curiosity.
After this I can do anything
Peace out!!!!

Thanks Jonas, Arto, Anders and everybody at Regnbågsrummet for beliving that it would work

You can get pictures from the event here

söndag 11 juli 2010

Tack alla!!!!

Tack alla ni som deltog och lyssnade på min Slampoetry/föreläsning/störaieratrosé happening i Lördags.

Ni e grymma!!!!!

tisdag 6 juli 2010

Högläsning på Mälarpaviljongen!!!!

Jag kommer att ha högläsning ur min dagbok från mina resor i Syrien och Libanon på Mälarpaviljongen på Lördag. Infotainmentet varvas med musik vald av Nathan (Serious Party samt Mellanförskapet). Vi ska ska skratta och chockas, allt kan hända. Kom !!!

Mer info kommer snart...........