måndag 12 juli 2010

I was dropping the bolistic like a poetry slammer!!!

I was invited to host a gayglamorama event this weekend in Stockholm. I was supposed to be cheerful and cool, but still raise some awareness about my thesis “Pink Imperialism”.
When I entered the location, a spotless, chic bar with sunthirsty Swedes drinking Rosé minding their own business, I knew that this was going to be my hardest gig ever. I was so close to call it a day and just walk away. People wanted alcohol and musclemarries not politics.
But I didn’t gave in and with my sidekick Nathan A.K.A. Nasty Nate spinning some pre-Aids disco following my stories from my diary, that was painting the lecture with some more sexy colors and gave it some flesh and bone, people started to pay some attention.
At the end some people came towards me and told me that this was some of the most interesting thing they ever heard. Even if all that enthusiasm is gone the day after, I think I planted some seeds of curiosity.
After this I can do anything
Peace out!!!!

Thanks Jonas, Arto, Anders and everybody at Regnbågsrummet for beliving that it would work

You can get pictures from the event here

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