onsdag 2 mars 2011

The coolest cool from Lebanon

"Cosmic Analog Ensemble" is a one man show by Charif Megarbane from Beirut. He is fascinated by the idea of improvising whilst overdubbing himself in different configurations: jazz tracks (piano, drums, double-bass, vibraphone, guitar etc.) or in a more electronic, underground hip-hop style.

What makes this man unique is that he records most of his stuff and on cassette tapes and tries to stay away from computers as much as he can:

-I don't like the visuals associated with it, playing music should be done with your eyes closed or with your eyes on your instrument. In my case, the computer has never been my instrument really.

He recently released “the Mundane and the Cosmic Vol. 5-6” recorded on Feb. 21st-23rd in Nairobi. Cosmic Analog Ensemble ''Plays Fairouz'' is a 25+ tracks-musical mosaic which incorporates samples from Lebanese superstar Fairouz's back catalogue and classic breaks; a free, improvised association of Fairouz's celestial voice and gritty grooves in Mono format. The LP is a tribute to both Fairouz and Ziad Rahbany's legacy as true Lebanese artists.

The LP will be made available for streaming on hisstology.com

Enjoy the wonderland of Mr Megarbane

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