söndag 27 juni 2010

We forgot the struggle and to act up!!

Many of us admire the normative. We wanted to become like them, act like them and mostly be loved by them. And we want to oppress like them.
The solidarity for Israel in the gay community really turns me off. You can kiss your boyfriend on the street if you’re a man in Tel-Aviv, but not if you’re a woman from Israel and you’re married to a man that is from the occupied territories. My kiss would feel bitter if my neighbor couldn’t enjoy the same.
“There is no pride in occupation” like the gays in black are chanting in Tel-Aviv. But now the Palestinian queers is acting up, and they need our solidarity…..if we’re not busy imitating the normative to oppress the subaltern.
Read this article about “The Palestinian Queers for BDS” from the bekhsoos.com a queer arab magazine.

The image comes from QuAIA " Queers Against Israeli Apartheid"

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