fredag 24 juli 2009

A fictional but funny story about Abu Nuwas

I got a new hero his name is Abu Nuwas one of the giants among the classical poets (750-810) and the most modern man on earth. He is the Oscar Wilde of the Middle East. Abu Nuwas wrote love poems about boys, conqubins,wine and not only that but about religion and pluralism.He wanted to stand out and didnt feel that he had to be a part of a homogenic comunity. "My religion is my religion....through sins I will clens my soul".

I will share a funny story. I'ts a fictional story about dear Abu Nuwas written by the Egyptian poet Kamil al-Shinnawi. The story is about how Abu met his mentor/lover Walibah bin al-Hubab.

"Abu Nuwas walked with him. When they arrived at his house, after they drank and ate, Walibah wanted him. When he disrobed him and saw the beauty of his body, he could not but kiss him on the anus. Abu Nuwas farted. So he said to him: What is this sly boy? He answered: I did not want the known proverb to be lost and to come true, namely: The penalty for he who kisses the anus is its fart."

Abu Nuwas is so cool my friends. I think I did the same thing first time I was given a rim job.

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