torsdag 23 juli 2009

The story of a hetero-married gay man in Syria or how to design youre life. Part 2

I met this other man through the datingsite ”Hairyturks”. A site for men who doesnt epilate theire hairy chest or back and feel at ease with the oriental image, more Muscat then Miami. His nickname was Hothabib and it felt that it could be a hot date by his body pictures.

We met at Bab Touma, one of the ancient gates that leads to the Old Town in Damascus, and Hothabib served my pseudoorientalist character with lust, wearing a moustache. So me and my ”autentic” arab took a throll around the old town chatting away about this and that. Hothabib was married with four kids, he owned a workshop by the Ummayad Mosque and he was by all thankfull for his artisan talent. We headed towards his workshop were our date where taking place because of his family situation.

We reached his workshop and numerous thé pots in coppar met me as I entered. The place had a table with a computer, a small stove and a cat. The cattle got heated and we started our session with a cup of relaxing thé. He put his computer on and asked what kind of gayporn I wanted to see and I said that anything goes. His computer was filled with porn in the format of films and pictures. We started looking to get in the right mood. He asked me through the whole session if I enjoyed the porn and if I wanted more thé. This beautiful Arab hosptality in combination with the gayporn made me smile. Because it could be just me being a tourist wanting to by a pot or two, but this time it was desires beyond shopping and the friendliness was still there.

We got on it and we did it, a fastfood romance and quick close encounter and goodbye. What strucked me afterwards was the feeling of his little workshop to be this man’s 10% of being gay in a hetero marriage. In there no one except him had access.It was his little lovechack to make it possible to puzzle the impossible.

I couldnt help but think about what my girlfriend told me, that heteromarried lesbians while there husbands are out and the kids are at school invite theire mistress to come over. Maby while he has his romances in his workshop his wife invites her’s to become whall.

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