lördag 25 juli 2009

Sexual orientalism part1

I will every now and then deal with this subjekt that i call "sexualorientalism". This ism, that I can find well spred in the gaycomunity in the west.

When I started studying Arabic and gay guys heard it their first comment was "So you're gonna fuck arabs!!". Yeas my friends I study one of the hardest languaqes in the world to be able to fuck!!!!!. This coments continued and when the same people got to know that I was moving to Syria to study, it became. " So you're gonna fuck there? But is'nt it dangerous? Will you not be killed?"

These coments made me wanna start this blog. With this blog i wanna deal with my own sexualorientalism. This phenomenon penetrates every sphere. I remember ten years ago when I wanted to buy books about the subject gay life and Middle East. The only book i could find was " Sexuality and Eroticism Among Males in Moslem Societies" written of two guys. It was all about how to get laid with horny and frustrated arabs, and this book goes under " gay and lesbian studies".

I do write about having sex in this blog. This blog is about my every day life trying to understand and sex is part of my life and a part of my dialog. But as a gay guy i know how it is to be limited to only be sexual by the heteronormative society and I dont wanna do that to another, at least I wanna try.

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