måndag 31 maj 2010

Boycott Israel!

“This is not a videogame, violence is not a moving image on TV, it’s the daily nightmare of millions”
This quote can be read on the homepage of the Palestinian/French/Tunisian group “Checkpoint 303”. The IDF assault on the “Ship To Gaza” convoy made us in the west, for the first time, believe and feel it. As I said in an interview with the group, for the magazine Interruptions:
“I have heard this in so many demonstrations in Stockholm. But even when I scream it out, a videogame is what it was to me,”
This time this horrendous Videogame, played by one of the strongest military forces in the world, stroke us. Humanity is out of order. Compassion is not functioning. Solidarity is pushed back. And we have to bring it all back.
We have the power. If the neoliberal economy is based on the wheel of consummation, use your power. Boycott Israel. Join the BDS movement NOW!!!!

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