lördag 7 november 2009

Fab Five Freddy

Sorry for this long silence. I have been around and about and inside out. Im in Amman where I will do some poking about in the queer/art/club sphere.

I went to the inofficial official gayclub Fab last night. The ambience was hiiiiigh. Every man from all of the hills in Amman, with a lust for more then the normative, was there. Like Syria these clubs have a tendency to change, it can be that the owner of the building dont want to house a " gay club" the contract runs out and doesnt get renewed. But this club is a touring club it changes its venues around the hills.

I met a guy from The States that is doing the same kind of studies like me "Queer Levant", wanted to inerwiew me about what I know. It's weird to have this "knowledge" that people wants to dig into. All I do is witness what I go through, I dont read or study anything I drink I laugh and sometimes I fuck ........

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