måndag 16 november 2009

Police raid at Fab follow up

Well more information has been added to the event. The two twinks are supposed to be escorts, a more politically correct word for prostitute, so the police had their right to arrest them. And the old man was enjoying there company.

And as far as the information is right, the escorts where not those kind of” I’m poor this is my only way to make a living” kind of escorts, but” I’m gorgeous and I want a pair of Prada glasses” kind of escorts.

I’m not trying to be a guard of morals, believe me. But with my own experience of cute guys deciding that hook up with older men to make them pay just by pure laziness is a slap in the face of those Iraqi women wondering the streets of Damascus as the only solution.

Oki I will leave the subject now...Peace out!!!!

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  1. Aha! Now you know what I was talking about!
    Okay let's be fair here, why should they give it up for free if they can earn good money/presents etc.
    The Iraqi or what have you women that is a pity that they have to resort to working within that profession, unfortunately that is the vagaries of life, and life is unjust.
    But the whole war-prostitution thing is a completely other discusiion.
    I just find it funny that we judge people because they charge for it, if the whole of the money went to said persons I am fine with that (as long as they're not selling themselves cheaply, which a lot do), but that said when a girl has a pimp or whatever and he takes most of their money that is exploitation and that I am against!