fredag 15 oktober 2010

Me and Mahmoud ”I need a job” part 2

The Iranian party is over. All is cool. Bilateral relationships between Lebanon and Iran is stated and we all can breathe now, and go from Iranian long cocking back to Lebanese fast food .
The drama last time about the Azzam Brigade threat of the earth to quake and my stress of not being able to listen to Dolly Parton at The SpeakEasy in Hamra got settled in a cool way. The earth didn’t quake but I wasn’t able to listen to Dolly P because the DJ didn’t want to put Cunt back into Cuntry and only played Garth Brooks (but that’s ok).
Well today is Friday and I’m back at The SpeakEasy as DJ Richard, from the DJ trio Chicago Berlin Express, is spinning the coolest cool. That man is making Fridays his Rich-ual.
Well you know where to find me, yallah come!!!!

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